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About Global Neurology Consultants

Dr. James C. Johnston

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Dr. James C. Johnston holds both an MD and a JD, and is one of only a few neurologists in the world qualified and licensed to practice both medicine and law. A board-certified neurologist with 30 years of experience and additionally certified in neurorehabilitation, Dr. Johnston is a founding partner of Global Neurology Consultants. In his role at GlobalNeurology, James C. Johnston, MD, JD is part of a highly specialized and experienced team of neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuroethicists dedicated to advancing the best practices in sustainable evidence based neurological medicine.

Dr. Johnston and the other GlobalNeurology partners consult with government agencies, medical providers, hospitals, and non-government organizations to provide customized recommendations for the development and deployment of neurological services and programs. The group also reviews existing neuroscience activities and gives recommendations on improvement including making them more equitable for all patients. In addition, the company issues legal and ethical opinions on neurological issues and guidance on the advancement of neurology.
GlobalNeurology serves the developing countries on a charitable basis, and works through the non-profit Global NeuroCare which is committed to improving patient care, training physicians and advancing research. To learn more about Global Neurology Consultants and its services, visit