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Dr. James C. Johnston - UN Meeting

Dr. James C. Johnston recently published a policy recommendation statement with the United Nations Commission for Social Development providing recommendations to improve healthcare access in resource limited areas as a strategy for promoting healthy lives, reducing poverty, and addressing inequalities and challenges to social inclusion, thereby improving all forms of social protection.

This statement will be presented at the Fifty-seventh Session of the UN Commission for Social Development on 11-21 February 2019. (

Dr. Johnston established Global NeuroCare® a decade ago, and this non-profit was formally granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in 2013. It is the highest status granted by the United Nations to NGOs, and provides recognition that the Global NeuroCare® mission is directly relevant to the aims and purposes of the United Nations.

This position allows Dr. Johnston to serve as a UN Delegate on behalf of Global NeuroCare to provide expert analysis on issues directly from its experience; help monitor and implement international agreements; take an active role in advancing United Nations goals and objectives; serve as an early warning agent; raise public awareness of relevant issues; provide essential information and analysis at organizational events; make written and oral statements at international conferences and events; and organize additional or side events.

Based on his experience in Neurology and Global Health, James C. Johnston, MD, JD has presented multiple statements to the UN with recommendations on improving healthcare in developing regions, including at the 2018 UN Commission for Social Development, 56th Session (